Veterinary Nurse Membership

Why join us?

The CABTSG is an organisation, affiliated to BSAVA that produces educational material, lectures and workshops for Veterinary Staff and other related professionals on subjects relating to behaviour.

People who are already aware of us tend to be people interested in behaviour. If you have just started out in nursing and feel a pull towards behaviour, join us and lets us provide you with relevant material to widen your understanding of all things behavioural.

As a working Veterinary Nurse I understand how relevant behaviour is in our every day lives.

"But", I hear you say, "I am not interested in behaviour - so what can you do for me?"

As Veterinary Nurses even if we are not "interested" in behaviour we have the problems associated with it thrust upon us every day. Our membership and the support we provide is more than useful in helping navigate us safely through the day and enabling us to provide a complete service to our clients.

Veterinary Nurses are involved in behavioural issues right from the beginning:

  • We see the puppies, kittens as vaccination time. Waiting to see the vet we see the confident puppy that is biting its owners hand as it wants to get off the chair, we see the nervous puppy cowering under the chair. We see the long haired kitten already full of knots that the owner cannot groom. Do you know what to say to these clients? Do they need our help?
  • What do we do with the cat that we are trying to premed or give an intravenous anaesthetic whilst it attempts to impale us with all of its 20 claws?
  • How will we get the tablet down that little Yorkshire Terrier without losing a finger?
  • We often see problems in the waiting room that perhaps the clients do not even realise are a problem, they are just something that they live with, perhaps even thinking its normal.
  • How do we explain to our clients that we could make life a little easier for them?
  • As Veterinary Nurses we have to be able to handle all species, all sizes. Are you confident enough?
  • How many medical problems are related to stress?
  • How many behavioural problems are related to medical conditions?

So, even though you may not be interested in behaviour we can help with each aspect of your job that involves behaviour.

We work with associated groups so can put you in touch with the right behaviour referral people, the right dog trainers and help you understand which clients need referral.

For those of you who are interested and would like to take things a step further we can help guide you in the right direction, get you connected to the right people. Advise you on the right courses to take.

Take a look at our membership, the group membership may be more beneficial to your practice.

Join us now, get involved.